Accountability and the Franchise Life Cycle

By John Francis

September 18, 2017


Life Cycle on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.

I spent some time with the team at DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen recently, where I was invited to speak on the topic of the franchise life cycle. It’s an important topic for both new and veteran franchisees in helping them understand how to grow and succeed in business – whether they’re still in the new Infant Stage, or have retired into the Master Stage.

For this group and brand, there’s a big push right now towards more accountability. They’re all working really hard and have good alignment, but could use just a little help in achieving that next stage of growth.

Here are the four stages of the life cycle I discussed with the DreamMaker team and how accountability matters along the way:

The Infant / Toddler Stage. In terms of accountability, there’s not much in this stage. Instead, this is where much of the foundation is built and the learning takes place. You won’t have many choices at this stage…instead, you need to execute and grow into it.

The Teen Stage. Just like real life, accountability really doesn’t begin until the teen years. With some experience and success under your belt, you’re ready to take on more responsibility for your franchise unit’s growth and success. You may not always like accountability – but those who succeed learn to live with it, and benefit from it.

The Adult Stage. Once you reach this stage, accountability becomes key to your success. You have two options: you’ll either fail because you don’t like (or can’t be) accountable, or you will succeed by learning how to grow, take accountability seriously and use it within your team.

The Master Stage. If you’re lucky enough to find success in the Adult Stage, then you can work towards becoming a Master – but it isn’t guaranteed. Here, you’re the one responsible for leading and holding others accountable, rather than doing the work yourself.

Accountability is a choice, and as the DreamMaker team is learning, there are techniques and tactics you can use to help you get there faster and more easily.

One thing ownership has done recently with my help, is organize and launch a Corporate Advisory Board. The board just had its first in-person meeting, which will help them have accountability at the corporate level, as well. After all, it starts at the top!

It may not always be easy, but having a system of accountability in place is always worth it. And once it’s there, performance is sure to improve. Let me know if you’d like to connect and have a similar discussion for your franchise brand.



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