Are You “All Over the Board?”

By John Francis

March 19, 2019


This phrase came up recently in a conversation I was having with one of my clients.  Similar to darts that keep hitting everything BUT the mark on a dartboard, what he meant was that he was feeling overwhelmed, disorganized and a little scattered.

My response?

Maybe you need your board to be all over you.”

After all, an advisory board can help franchise leaders gain control by setting some priorities, helping them focus and by bringing some accountability to the organization. Even though an advisory board only meets 3-4 times a year, and has no “vote,” they can be instrumental in helping leaders focus on their highest priorities so they know how to maximize their time and resources and achieve their goals.

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of establishing an advisory board in the past: especially in terms of their ability to help you plan for a profitable future. If you want some more background, this is a good place to get started.

As business owners, we all have moments where we’re flying by the seat of our pants – and we also know that we’re probably not making the best decisions during these times. If you’re feeling “all over the board” right now, it might be time to start thinking about how an advisory board might provide some support (and take you from chaos to control). And if you feel like everything is running smoothly? It might be time for you to start thinking about setting up a board, too! After all, the best time to start an advisory board is before you need one – or before you wish you already had one in place.

If you’d like to discuss the benefits of an advisory board – and what the process looks like – I can help! Fill out the form below and we’ll have a no-obligation chat about your business, as well as how a board can help you take your growth plans to the next level.

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