What I Can Offer


How do I build a successful franchise system?

  • How do I improve my business as a successful franchisee or franchisor?

  • Are you “stuck” and looking for new ideas and new perspectives on your franchise business, either as a franchisor or franchisee?

  • How can you improve your franchise brand, reduce risks and improve franchisee performance?

  • What is the best way to meaningfully improve your results?

Who am I?

I am John Francis, given the nickname “Johnny Franchise” years ago, and have been in the franchise industry for 30 + years. I have been a franchisor and franchisee multiple times, with multiple brands, and have helped dozens of franchise brands and hundreds of franchisee owners. I am a franchise industry consultant, strategic advisor and keynote speaker, known for level-headed expertise and a straightforward approach to my work.

Franchise Lifecycle

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to manage and grow as a franchisee owner. Knowing the phases and choices one can make along the way is a big help to get it right, move ahead with confidence and reduce risks and improve performance.

Franchisors and franchisees need to know how to improve unit level performance, know what choices to make and the impact of those at each phase of growth. Owners need to know how to best apply the brand systems and get qualified ongoing support to improve decision-making and reduce risks. Well, I have done exactly that for all of my many clients. MY clients have more confidence, more consistent results, and less drama!  If you’d like to know the exact method that I used to get these high performance results for all of my franchise owner clients, now you can! I can help you get these better results for yourself and your franchise business…my next coaching program starts in a few weeks!

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