Go Minis Speaking Opportunity

By John Francis

October 29, 2019


GO Minis 10 2019 speaking


Recently, I was invited to speak to the Go Minis franchisees and corporate team. They are a blended system, in that they’re a dealership model that has partially converted to a franchise system, which has its challenges. They’re good people doing good work finding their way to success. I was impressed with their corporate team and franchisees, I had a great time getting to speak with them and wanted to share more about it with you….

I gave my “Signature Presentation” The Lifecycle of a Franchisee which explains the four phases of growth, which are: the baby / infant phase, teenage phase, adult phase and what I like to call the rockstar / master phase. You can learn more about my signature presentation here. Each phase offers a new higher-level of execution, and so just like my business name, this presentation is focused on helping franchisees go to the next level. 

After the presentation, I was able to speak with franchisees and received many positive comments and reviews, which was great. One woman who identified with the first or baby / infant phase expressed her appreciation for the presentation noting it provided her with real actionable helpful information. She stated how she now knows what it takes to be a good baby! She knows how to take full advantage of what is offered by the team at the franchisor HQ, and vendors, and even other franchisees in the brand. Now knowing what she needs to pay attention to, what to expect, and how to behave, she can focus on getting to the teenager phase. I laid out a growth path for her which she agreed was the right message at the right time and she identified with it, very enthusiastically!

I spoke with another franchisee later in the day who identified with the adult phase. She acknowledged that perhaps she was a “bad adult”, but would not have understood that if she had not attended and learned what was missing, and how her choices had that impact. The best part about it was that she also learned what she could do to get back on the growth path to becoming a good adult and then move on to the rockstar phase!

It was reassuring to know that the session was valuable and useful to franchisees at all levels, and also to the corporate office team. Everyone was able to recognize who and where they are in each cycle, what to do about it, what to expect, choices to be made, how to help each other, and how to move to the next phase of growth and the next level of success. Everyone took away value to help the brand be able to move forward, and that is why I love what I do – helping people get franchising right!

If you’d like to learn more and consider having me speak to your next franchise conference, please reach out and let’s talk, call or text me anytime on 612-868-0745, email me at John@JohnnyFranchise.com,  or visit my website www.JohnnyFranchise.com


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